About Euro Pilates

The moment you walk in the door you know that something exciting is happening at Euro Pilates. Owner and instructor, Maria Ivanova, has designed a warm, inviting studio that immediately welcomes you like an old friend. There is room to move, room to breathe and the panoramic views and airy floor plan give you the sense of unending possibilities as you begin your Pilates journey.
Maria’s passion is fitness and helping others by empowering them to take charge of their health, both body and mind, through Pilates. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to training at Euro Pilates as each client and each small group class gets her personal attention and that of her 5 highly trained Pilates instructors.

Maria knows that you want quality, value, variety and personal service which is why she is intent on providing the best atmosphere, the best equipment and the best instructors in the Tampa area. Over the past two years, our fitness center has meticulously maintained a reputation for excellence by continually updating training methods, techniques and equipment; never sacrificing quality for quantity.
Euro Pilates is often the first or only fitness center in the Tampa area to incorporate cutting-edge Pilates equipment and techniques into training. This is a direct reflection on Maria’s commitment to clients and her belief in the power of continuing education through research, professional workshops and conferences.

Euro Pilates is proud to feature the hottest piece of equipment to hit the Pilates community since the resistance band – the amazing PILATESSTICK. With a twist of the stick, you can now get all the benefits of Pilates mat class with the power of exercises previously available only in private tower/reformer workouts. Other innovative ways to keep training fun and fresh include new COMBO class for those wanting a hardcore, no nonsense, gravity inspired workout. And if you’re looking for the best butt burning workout in Tampa, try 55 minutes with  Total Barre™, an intense, fast paced routine that will ensure your training doesn’t stall – bt the barre.