Classes offered

Private Lessons
The instructor meets one-on-one with the client to provide the highest possible level of customization in their training plan. Private classes are excellent for new students who need to become familiarized with Pilates principles, exercise terminology and machines established clients who are looking to take their Pilates training to the next level, or clients looking to rehabilitate from previous injuries.
Semi – Private Lessons
The instructor meets with two clients during one session. This is an excellent option for couples or friends who enjoy working out together, and is also a more cost-effective way for established students to continue their Pilates training while utilizing all of the equipment at the studio. for example, Step360 Pro- If you are looking for a more personalized touch, the “duet” option on the Step360 Pro is the perfect, detail focused training for two. Get ready to jump, squat and balance your way to flatter abs with the Step360‘s 3-dimensional motion, a balance busting workout on air.
Equipment Group Classes
This option is excellent for established clients who are familiar with Pilates principles and machinery like Reformer, Chair, Combo - One of our qualified instructor meets with up to seven clients during one session. Equipment classes are excellent options for clients who have mastered core stability skills and are familiar with Pilates machines. The Jump Board class provides a greater aerobic experience focusing on endurance, breathing and technique, where Reformer concentrates on Eccentric contraction elongating the muscle. TRX suspention system is a functional training of the body.
Other Group Classes
Euro Pilates Fitness Center is proud to announce some exciting additions to our class line-up that will put the FUN back into your fitness plan using cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Our amazing news classes are a great way to harness the energy and dynamics of small groups to reboot your workout:TOTAL BARRE- The best butt burning workout in Tampa with intense, fast paced exercises that will give you the 5-Star body you crave. Total Barre will emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It is a program geared for everyone—no dance experience or tutus are required! Your clients will be getting not only the safest and most impactful barre program available—they will have fun doing it!Pilatesstick- Only at Euro Pilates Fitness Center, the hottest new trend in fitness – the amazing Pilatesstick. With a twist of the stick, you can now get the benefits of a Pilates mat class with the power of exercises previously available only in private machine workouts.

We are also working on adding Afro-Cardio / Kuduro classes!

New Clients
*It is mandatory that all new clients to the Pilates method complete a minimum of two private sessions before attending a semi-private, and group (equipment) class This will give the client the proper knowledge of Pilates principals and execution of the exercises. Clients will also learn equipment safety and modifications to their own needs.
  • All appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the session.
  • Payment for a series is collected in full at the beginning of the series and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Packages expire in 6 months.
  • All classes are 55 minutes in length.
  • No cell phones can be used in the studio or your class.
  • Pilates is done in grip socks and tight clothing for the instructor to see the alignment of the entire body.Note: Male clients, asked to wear knee height or long pants.