Kathleen Devine

I started Pilates because I had severe lower back problems and I was about to start steroid injections as the next step in my treatment. My Aunt told me that Pilates had really helped her with her back pain and so I decided to give it a try. WOW! After 23 years in the Army, there are not many exercise programs I have not tried but Pilates kicked my butt. At 50 I was fat and out of shape. Now six months later, I can say I am in better shape than I was at 40. My back pain has decreased, my stamina, strength, flexibility (I had none) have increased and through Pilates and diet I have lost 47 pounds and 25 inches since I started in May 09. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and I am committed to keeping Pilates in my life. The biggest misconcpetion about Pilates is that you have to be a dancer or ballerina to be good at it. NOT TRUE!! You gain coordination, confidence and strength with each exercise. My husband saw how quickly I was getting fit and decided to try it for himself…we are both hooked.

Dr. Judith Ranells

I started Pilates classes almost a year ago, with Maria. I had taken a Pilates class about 6 years ago at a vacation resort and I really enjoyed it but there was no studio close to my home. Pilates focuses on optimizing form and function of the body, and provides a total body workout. My posture has greatly improved and my body is more balanced. A Pilates workout involves a great variety of exercises, and the instructors at Euro-Pilates succeed in ensuring challenging workouts as clients progress. They are also trained in modifying exercises to meet the physical needs of clients with a wide range of health issues.

Ahad Mahootchi, MD

I’ve been exercising and trying different work out routines for the last 20 years. I was bored with weights and cycling machines so I wanted to try something new. Core strength, abs, and flexibility were the things I was trying to improve. They seemed to be the biggest challenge for lots of guys. Maria was an excellent trainer to introduce me to Pilates and then work toward more advanced levels. Definitely worth it. I can see a big difference. I would recommend Maria Ivanova to anyone interested in Pilates training in the Tampa area.

Gita Pandit, Golfer and professional tennis player

What Euro Pilates has done for me has been phenomenal. I would recommend them to everybody! I am a professionally trained tennis player and golfer  who has experienced many disciplines of exercise, meditation and fitness, including Tai Chi and Yoga, but I really feel that this has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Maria has been fantastic ! She is truly inspiring with her professionalism, technique and knowledge. She has a great eye for detail, coupled with an instinct of knowing what to do with you. She has the ability to bring out the best in her clients so that they can reach your true potential. All her staff are excellent not only in their instruction, but also in creating a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere where one always feels welcome. After every session I leave the studio feeling I have gained something. What sets them apart from any other studio is their unique approach to each individual. I was really impressed by the interest each instructor took, to know my  condition before working with me and customizing it to my needs. Physically, my body changed a lot – I lost 4 inches on my waist, 3 inches on my hips and my posture greatly improved. I had a problem with my lower back, wrist and elbow which went away in a few weeks of classes. My tennis and golf improved a lot and I would recommend Euro pilates to anyone training in any sport for balance, strength and flexibility not to mention the increased awareness of the mind-body connection. You will have a new understanding of your body. I know I have truly benefited by being a dedicated client  -  thanks to all of you at Euro Pilates !

Triathlete, Doug Kugley

Pilates, and in particular Euro-Pilates, has been a revelation for me and has become an integral component of my life. I am an elite triathlete training 30-35 hours per week for Ironman competition. Euro-Pilates provides a platform for core body strength and body flexibility that allows longer sustained training efforts, quicker recovery time and faster race results. I integrated Pilates into my training this past year and have witnessed significant gains in my strength. I believe the approach taken at Euro-Pilates is tailored to the goals of the client. Importantly for my goals, they have the knowledge and experience to design a program for a competitive athlete. I absolutely believe in Euro-Pilates and the advantage it provides me in triathlon. I would whole-heartedly endorse them to anyone looking to take their training to the next level!

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Michael P. Clare

I have been attending classes at Euro Pilates for about 5 months now, and I have been very happy with the results. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I believe Pilates is an excellent method to improve core strength, flexibility, and overall stability with minimal injury risk. As an avid golfer, I have gained 30 yards off the tee and have become 2 clubs longer through Pilates. I have found the instructors at Euro Pilates to be professional and knowledgeable in assessing my areas of weakness and designing exercise routines to address those weaknesses. They offer classes both early and late, and on the weekends, which works well with my schedule.

Carol Shayman Simon

Since I started going to Euro Pilates in the fall, I have never felt better! I enjoy the hour exercise session and have from the very first one. I am never sore to the point that I can’t move, and yet I feel that I have worked muscles and my core.

Deborah Goss

Euro-pilates has been instrumental in redefinng my body as I have lost weight over the past year. When I began there I was 50 pounds overweight from inactivity and a neck injury that required surgery. I had given up my beloved yoga because I could no longer do it. Maria and her staff worked with me to design an exercise plan that rehabilitated my injured neck and shoulder and strengthened me so I could resume all the activities I loved – pain free. The changes in my body are nothing short of amazing and I am as strong as I have ever been in my life. I continue to do pilates and have gone back to yoga, the two practices are complementary and each serves to enhance and strengthen the other. Pilates and a change in eating habits enabled me to lose 40 of the 50 pounds. I love the studio and the friends I have made there. Thanks Maria, Mona and Melody!

Connie Bainbridge

I went to Euro-Pilates hoping to rebuild my upper body strength weakened from surgery and radiation treatment. I was also intrigued by Joseph Pilate’s statement that ‘…by 30 (Pilates) sessions you’ll have a whole new body”. Over time I could feel my entire body changing, muscle tone appearing where there had been none, greater flexibility, and a big improvement in my strength. Maria and her trainers really know their stuff and have challenged me to do as much as I can handle and keep improving. They create a fun atmosphere but also set the bar high. Their enthusiasm has been very motivational.
I decided to add the Weight Watchers program to my regimen, and I’ve been losing weight as well. I’m a big fan of Euro-Pilates and highly recommend it to others looking to get in shape.

Vicki Sokolik

My physical therapist recommended pilates because I have degenerative discs in my back. He suggested strengthening my core muscles in order to relieve stress from my back. I have to tell you that I was not a believer. However, after attending Euro Pilates for 10 months, my back is stronger and the pain has been reduced to almost nothing. I look forward to my lessons, not only because of how it makes my back feel, but throughout my entire body, I have improved muscle tone. It is a low impact workout that truly tones and shapes your body.

A new believer….

Tona Bell

Working with Maria for the past several months is the best thing I could have done for myself. After a hip injury, it was recommended I do physical therapy and pilates. With a previous dance background and being active with the gym and yoga, it was hard to “go back to basics” but that is exactly what I needed. To learn stability and strengthening in a gentle way, to learn the proper alignment and posture for my body has not only helped my hip problem but has also helped my shoulder issues as well. I feel invigorated and rejuvenated after each session.

Maria is a breath of fresh air, she is so positive and engaged with her clients. We do different things all the time and she makes each session fun and unique. Her outstanding background in gymnastics and being an olympic judge/trainer makes her so incredibly knowledgeable about training and the human body. I feel so blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. From beginner to advanced, Maria really customizes training for the individual.

Best of all she truly loves what she does and I believe that is what makes her so great.

Vivian Alvarez, P.A. Prudential Tropical Realty

“Skillful and No Non-sense best describe Maria Ivanova”

Maria is a skillful trainer, a no non-sense coach and a tireless mentor. I fortunately came to train with Maria approximately a year ago – post back surgery (fusion at L4 & L5 with instrumentation. With instrumentation means titanium screws and rods included. So needless to say, I came with what I thought were physical limitations. Not to mention the mental limitations I spent time and care developing.

Maria went right to work whipping me into shape. She knew it was extremely important for me to develop and maintain my core stability. After only four weeks, I felt improvement in my pain level, improvement in my flexibility and improvement in my strength. I also noticed that other parts of my body were reaping the benefit of Maria’s special attention, such as the definition in my arms, legs and no more Russian meat patty.

Ask Maria to explain.

If boredom is a concern, don’t worry! After a year of working out with Maria, I don’t think I’ve ever done the same routine/workout. I may do the same exercises but in different sequence or a different modification, all with a special twist. So, trust me you will never get bored. And as soon as you think you got it down, it’s time to step it up a notch.

So, do yourself a favor and take you and your body to Maria/Euro Pilates. Trust me! You won’t regret it!

Kiki Dahlke

For many years I have done many workout routines like weight training, aerobics and kick boxing along with many different sports activities. After several injuries, consistent shoulder and joint pain, I decided to try pilates since it was easier on the joints and over all body. Not only that, I really wanted to work on longer leaner muscles, flexibility and core strength.

Pilates is not as easy as it seams. It is definitely very challenging, but yet smooth and controlled movements. I have been doing pilates for a while now and have notice a stronger, leaner core and how much looser my muscles feel after each session.

Maria & Mona are such dedicated – patient instructors. Every session is fun, different and challenging. You leave the studio feeling great and wanting more. I truly enjoy my classes.

Thank you Maria & Mona you both are awesome instructors.

Jerry Bainbridge

After seeing an ad in a Neighborhood News publication, I called Euro-Pilates to inquire whether they could help me with a neuromuscular disorder. The Euro-Pilate’s staff put me on an individualized program, and now my muscle tone is well developed. More importantly, I can get around much better. The staff are very professional and experienced. Also, the Euro-Pilates studio has the most modern equipment and has a friendly, comfortable atmosphere as well.

Vladimir Tsutskvashvili, Soccer player

“Try Pilates to experience your body’s full potential”

I always had an active lifestyle, participating in all kind of sporting/physical activities such as: soccer, skiing, biking, tennis … etc.

Up until I reached my thirties everything was going great; I was practicing soccer 2-3 times a week and skiing during the weekends. It was taking me no more that a day to recoup after each activity, but everything changed couple of years ago. Physically I am still able to perform the same way but the recovery time has increased drastically, on top of that I stared to experience the recurring injuries such as hamstring strain, back pain, sore muscle. I tried going to chiropractor for back pain and doing some stretching on a daily bases, but the relieve I felt was temporary, the PAIN and DISCOMFORT was coming back.

Last November I discovered Pilates. Working with Maria gave me a LONG-TERM relief; we mapped out my goals and objectives and started working on them slowly. It did not take too long to feel the progress, after about 5-7 sessions I noticed that my body was responding completely different way to the physical activities; I became faster, more mobile and turned out there were new tricks in my soccer ball control that I have not realized before.