Pilates for Athletes

athletes_3 Pilates is fast becoming the favorite exercise routine for not only Hollywood’s biggest stars, but for professional athletes as well. Pilates gives athletes the strength, the endurance and the flexibility they need to perform at their best.Pilates is ideal for athletes who are recovering from injury because, unlike other exercise regimens, Pilates begins by focusing on the proper alignment of the body, helping the athlete to reduce stress and pain.

Once the body is aligned, Pilates then builds muscle to support the proper alignment and get the athlete back in the game.

At Euro Pilates, we work with all types of athletes, from the “weekend warrior” amateur athlete who wants to improve her golf swing to the professional tri-athlete who wants to stay strong and limber for his upcoming race. Many of our instructors are certified physical trainers or therapists as well as being certified Pilates instructors.

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, contact us today. We’re looking forward to helping you cross the finish line.

Athletes who have trained here:

Chad Reed, Super and Motocross Champion

Caydee Denney, Olympic figure skater

Ernest Graham, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

John Gilmore, Tampa Bay Buccaneers