Pilates for Men

Think Pilates is just for girls?

Actually, Men may need Pilates even more than women. Traditionally, men view exercise as lifting weights or participating in rigorous sports activities that are macho and masculine. Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for Pilates for men for those who are serious about their exercise programs. Pilates for men has become so popular that even professional sports teams for baseball and football are incorporating Pilates exercies in the exercise regimens of their players.


What make Pilates for Men stand out from other workouts?

Our Pilates method imparts greater balance and support to your Core/Powerhouse by increasing blood flow to the internal muscles that support your spine, thus improving your endurance, strength, and precision of motion.

By improving your core, your performance will be greatly enhanced. Men who have incorporated Pilates into their routine have experienced greater flexibility in all their joints, heightened range of motion and improved accuracy and pliancy in every motion their sport requires.

Unlike other strength training regimens designed for men, Pilates for men focuses on toning your muscles, thereby improving your balance and alignment. Whether you play golf, baseball, or basketball, you’ll feel the impact of a Pilates workout the next time that you play.

Male celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Danny Glover, and Rod Stewart swear by the pilates program when it comes to helping them to keep toned and in proper balance. So have golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Jason Kidd, pitcher Curt Schilling and offensive lineman Ruben Brown. What they all have in common is Pilates, one of the fastest growing fitness activities in America, according to SGMA International, the trade association for sports equipment manufacturers.


For Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl offensive guard Ruben Brown, Pilates is all about preventing injury.

I’m a big guy with a gut,” the 6-0, 300-pound Brown says. “I was always battling back strain. Plus, I’m 30 years old now. I’m tired of lifting weights, taking the pounding.

The last two offseasons Brown has done Pilates three times a week.

My first session, it shook me up,” Brown says.It shook everything up. It still does.

And man, those Pilates women are competitive. They want to see if they can get the big, strong football player to wimp out. I told myself, ‘Hey, ladies, I can do that, too.’

How has his body responded to Pilates?

I came out of the season injury-free, he says. I used to feel like crap after practice and games but not since Pilates.

I learned how to breathe through my muscles. My posture is better. I can run more fluidly. And I increased my bench workouts.