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Working Out with a Physio Ball

Maria Ivanova

Master Instructor / Owner / 
Flexibility Specialist

Maria Ivanova has a passion for health and fitness which is reflected in the quality of training at Euro Pilates Fitness Center.   Maria is an ex professional gymnast with a degree in Sports Education and Movement.  Maria has worked as the USA Gymnastics National Team coach and as an USA National Judge,  working with elite, Olympic-class athletes in the United States and overseas.
Maria began her Pilates studies in 2001 while training athletes to improve their performance through specific strength and conditioning exercises.  She fell in love with Pilates techniques and became an advanced STOTT Pilates certified Instructor, TRX trainer, and the fist TOTAL BARRE certified instructor in Florida.
Maria stays on the cutting edge of fitness innovations and health issues through constant continuing education.   She attends fitness conferences and advanced Pilates courses throughout the year and shares that knowledge with her instructors and clients.  This allows her to  integrate the latest skills and techniques into her training programs.
Maria uses her experience as a professional athlete, coach, Pilates instructor and a yogi to create a unique atmosphere at Euro Pilates that is focused on achieving the clients desired results. Maria’s goal is to make Pilates safe, fun, and accessible for people of all fitness levels.  She trains at the advanced through beginning levels with a specialty in working with those who are pregnant/post-partum, senior, injured, or post-surgical.
“Being a professional athlete means being susceptible to numerous injuries. Having personally been diagnosed with scoliosis from the age of 10, I learned to live with discomfort and pain.  Pilates training has been extremely effective in eliminating the constant pain experienced during my athletic career.  My positive experience with Pilates training has proven to me how Pilates can change the quality of a person’s life.  I want to share that knowledge and help my clients achieve a stronger, leaner, more flexible and balanced body and life.”


Jim Garbutt

Pilates Instructor

Jim is a Stott Pilates trained instructor, who started Pilates 7 years ago. Jim is a professional figure skater, who has been skating for 12+ years. He is a national medalist having competed at nationals 4 times. While searching for a method to help with back pain during training he discovered Pilates. After a 100% reduction in back pain Pilates quickly became part of his passion as an athlete. He hopes to help people of all ages improve they physical and mental wellbeing with a particular passion for helping athletes achieve their potential while staying healthy.


Jennifer Richards

Pilates Instructor

Jennifer has been actively and passionately involved in fitness for over 25 years. She started teaching Pilates in 2007. Her journey led her to own and operate two successful Pilates studios until 2020. Jennifer received her certifications in Pilates from both Balance Body and Pilates Method Alliance.  She is a gifted master instructor able to relate effectively to clients of any age or fitness level. Jennifer also is certified as a Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist. Her expertise in improving posture and proper body alignment through movement enables clients to move their bodies more effectively and with ease. She enjoys the challenge of helping clients overcome their physical limitations and issues as they age or rehabilitates from previous injuries, especially those involving the back, hips, knees, and her personal favorite the shoulders.
Jennifer is also certified by American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer. She holds certification with Russian Kettlebell-Dragon Door and Booty Barre. She is currently working on her Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Instructors: Team Members
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